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Growing Together in God

Welcome back to Nursery. We hope you have enjoyed the Christmas break and your children are excited for the new year ahead. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the new children and their families to Parochial Nursery.  It is an exciting yet often daunting time for all, please let me put your mind at ease and assure you that your children will settle, develop and progress through the exciting and engaging learning opportunities we deliver.

This half term we will be learning about people who help us.

Please encourage lots of talk about the wide variety of people within our community and all around us that impact on our everyday lives.

The children are continuing to develop their skills and learn new ones, this will remain through play and will be observed and logged on both Tapestry and in every child's learning Journey.

Wow moments are still key to your children. Each child is unique and at Parochial we pride ourselves in celebrating the individual moments of success your child makes. Can you please continue to fill out the 'Star Moment' stars and if you need anymore please do not hesitate to ask.

Over the course of this half term the children will become accustomed to certain stories which will encourage repetition strategies, story prediction and links to the everyday world. We will issue the list of stories your child will be hearing during our story telling sessions, you may also want to share these with your child.



Every Friday morning Nursery will visit the school library. We will send your child's chosen library book in their school bag. Please share these books with your child and encourage them to use the pictures to tell you a story.

Library books do not need to be returned to school until the following Thursday, however if your child does not return their library book, then they will be unable to change it.

PSED, Communication and language, Physical Development

We are learning to:

  • Build and maintain friendships.
  • Share and take turns.
  • Understand and talk about our feelings and the feelings of others.
  • Build on our vocabulary with new and exciting words
  • 'Fred talk' single syllabic words which will support word recognition.
  • Build on our Fine motor skills to support our writing.
  • Move freely and comfortably.


We are learning to:

  • Listen to stories with increasing attention and recall.
  • Make links to our world through the stories we hear.
  • Innovate our stories by using our imagination to change one element.
  • Continue to sing and act out Nursery rhymes building up our rhythm, memory and musical skills .
  • Practice writing our names.
  • Talk about what we have drawn, painted or written.
  • Form some letters correctly.


We are learning to:

  • Know that a number represents a quantity.
  • Sometimes match numeral to quantity.
  • Count to ten and recognise some numbers.
  • Talk about Numbers we see in the environment.
  • Learn the value and make up of a number through Numberblocks.
  • Know that it is not only objects that can be counted.

Understanding the World

We will use our personal knowledge and experiences to talk about things we have seen in our own environments and be aware of the variety of people who help us daily. We will be able to recognise the roles of these people and their importance in society.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will continue to enjoy music, rhyme and dance, with Nursery rhyme being a focus in supporting this area of learning. We will use our imagination and personal experience in our themed home corner to play alongside each other. Our artwork will be imaginative, and we will be able to talk about what we have created.

 Dates for your Diary

 Last day of half term : 14th February 2020


Under 5's are entitled to free milk within school. If you have not already registered, please click on the picture below and fill in the form on the 'Cool Milk' website. 

Helping your child at home

Your child will be bringing a home school book home on a Monday.

In this book there will be an activity for you to share with your child. Please encourage them to complete this activity themselves, with support if needed. These activities aim to build on skills they have learned and develop them further.

Taking time to play with your child every day is not only a joy but will give the opportunity for your child to learn new and exciting things! 

Here are some suggestions of activities to do together: 

  • Talking, singing and sharing books with your child from the very beginning of their life will help with communication skills and then literacy.
  • Talk about the numbers, colours, words and letters you see when you’re out and about.
  • Provide a pile of magazines or old photos for your child to cut out and stick.
  • Cook or bake together - look at numbers on weighing scales, follow a recipe.
  • Plant seeds or bulbs in a pot or garden patch.
  • Talk about the weather and make the most of different types of weather and each season - jump in puddles, make snow angels, be blown by the wind, explore nature as it changes.
  • On a trip to the supermarket - talk about different shapes and colours you can see, count out fruit and vegetables, write and follow a list together.
  • Dice games are great for learning to recognise number and quantity.
  • Encourage pencil control and tripod grip for holding a pen/pencil
  • Encourage children to be able to dress themselves paying particular attention on shoes, socks and coats.