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Growing Together in God

Welcome to Year 6

Home Learning Support

Easter Challenge

How many of the world's capital cities can you name? 

Break the world down into chunks:






Good Luck!


Fancy investigating a different view every day? Try Daily View


What can you be doing at home?

  1.  Create a routine and structure for your day - use the timetable below to help you.
  2. Try not to spend too much time in front of the screen - check out the ideas below.
  3. Do you have a desk? School work area? It may help you to concentrate more, even putting on your uniform may make it seem more normal.
  4. Can you learn a new skill?   Sign language?  Another language? Name all the capital cities in the world? Become a magician!
  5. Remember: exercise is VERY important.  
  6. Have fun with your learning, from crafty ideas to bigger research projects. 


I will check in with Mathletics, Sumdog, Reading Buddy and TTrockstars every  Monday. 

Most importantly - Keep yourselves safe.

The links below are there to help and support you and your child

Maths survival guide

Grammar Survival Guide 

Activity ideas 

Suggested time table

Have some time away from a screen

Learning Log

Our theme for this half term is: World War Two

Theme Key Questions

How was Britain able to stand firm against the German threat?

How did people manage to carry on normal life during the war and how do we know?

Why is it so difficult to be sure what life on the Home Front was really like?

What was VE day really like?




It is important that you continue to read and write a wide range of texts. Once you have finished reading a book, fill out a  Book Review    

Either at the end of a chapter or at the when you have finished reading your book, can you think of some writing that you could do from it?

Some ideas are: 

A character's diary entry

Re-write the next chapter / ending

Write a letter from one character to another

A character profile

A fact sheet about something/place etc linked to the book.

Write a newspaper report about an event from the story


Don't forget that you can go on Reading Buddies and read a variety of books at your level. You can also carry out some reading and spelling activities on  Sumdog. Watch out for the weekly competitions and challenges!


In science we will be learning about electricity

What are some of the major discoveries in electricity?

What effect does changing the volt of a circuit have upon the circuit?

How can I further develop my investigation? 







It is important that you continue to practice your basic arithmetic facts and calculation methods. Challenge me and your friends on  TT Rockstars or race against each other using paper copies of a calculation quiz ,  you can text each other your times and scores - who is the fastest? 

Try recapping previous learning on ratio and scaled drawings and watch the videos at White Rose Maths . Here you will find one lesson for each day of the week. You can then complete the worksheet and mark it yourself. How well did you do? Why not check out some of the other year groups learning - revision is great! 

Finally, don't forget to check out Sumdog and Mathletics . I will check them every Monday and update work and challenges for you to complete. 


For those of you missing your weekly music lessons, you will have received a login code and password to access some lesson. Once you have the password click Music online , enter your password and code and have a go at some of the activities.

Re: We will be learning about Ascension and Pentecost

Why are Ascension ad Pentecost so important to Christians?

What is the impact of these events then and now?

In what ways do these events and beliefs make Christians unique? 

What do Christians believe about the nature and character of The Holy Spirit? 



As well as completing your Learning Log, check out some of the following web pages. What can you discover about the black out and why we had it? What was rationed and why? Can you draw your own propaganda posters for evacuation or for keeping safe?

Woodlands Junior

Listen to some WW2 clips / songs / speeches at BBC Schools

Create some WW2 art work of your own art ideas