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This half terms theme: Raging Rivers


In English this half term we will be looking at and writing a variety of poems based around rivers.  We will then look at recount writing and writing up our thoughts and feelings about the trip. We will also look at persuasive writing and linking it to pollution in our waterways.




In maths this half term we will. Will we look at adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions – including problem solving using these facts. We will then look at converting fractions, decimals and percentages and using what we know to solve a variety of problems.

Extra Practise!

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In theme this half term will find out why rivers are so important to the towns and villages that have developed on their banks. By looking at the features of rivers, and the natural and human ways that rivers change over time, we will explore the life stories of rivers. We will learn the names and locations of the major rivers of the UK and the world.

We will have experienced some of the features of a river during our Crowden River study trip and will be reflecting upon this.


In science this half term we will use the standard system of classification first developed by Carl Linnaeus, choosing an animal and researching its classification. We will also design our our animals classification system. We will then move on to learn about micro-organisms, and conduct an investigation into the growth of mould on bread. 


Monday:- Grammar/ reading comprehension (due in Wednesday).


Wednesday: - Maths (due in Friday).


Friday: - Writing (due in Monday). 


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