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How can parents help at home?

In preparation for the year 1 phonics screening tests in summer, please endeavour to help your child with their phonics at home. As you are aware, we have changed our phonics scheme and now follow a program called ReadWriteInc. Please visit


for more information and support. 

Children should be exposed to a range of texts: Fiction, newspapers, recipes, magazines, shopping lists and many more. Here is a useful website for extra age-related reading:

Oxford Owl

Year 1 Curriculum Expectations


Maths - Given out on Tuesday, due in on Friday.

English - To be given out on Friday, due in on Monday.


Reading books changed once a week.

It is essential for your child's progress that they read at home as often as possible.

Please remember to pack your child's updated reading record and reading book in their book bag each school day.

Spelling hints and tips for tricky words

Cloudy Words
Word List
Cotton wool
Choose a word from the list which your child is learning to read and write.
Give an example of how the word is used in a sentence and support them to
think of another example.

Write the word for your child and ask them to trace over the letters with a
glue stick or a finger dipped in glue. Lay cotton wool over the glue until the
entire word is covered.
Ask your child to write a sentence on the paper and to draw a picture to go
with their sentence.
You could do this with other words and make a „cloudy book‟.
Sand may be sprinkled over the glue in place of cotton wool.

Pipe-cleaner Words
Word List
Pipe cleaners
In advance write a few words on individual pieces of card or paper.
Ask your child to listen carefully while you say a word. Challenge your child
to use the pipe cleaners to form all of the letters they hear. Show your child
the word card and support them to use their pipe cleaners to add or change
the letters they need to spell the word correctly.

Water Words
Words on card or paper
Write several words on separate pieces of card or paper.
Ask your child to write a word two or three times on the patio or path.
Repeat with a different word.
Challenge: - can they write a sentence that includes the word?

Gooey Words

Re-sealable plastic bags
Hairstyling gel or finger paint
Masking tape
Fill the re-sealable bag with gel or finger paint. Use masking tape to secure
each bag to a table or other flat surface. Invite your child to choose a word
from the Word List and use one finger to press the letters of their word into
the gel or paint.
Your child can erase their word by gently rubbing the bag with the palm of
their hand until it is evenly distributed inside the bag.

Secret Words
Word List
Large sheet of paper
Write three words on a large piece of paper from the word list. Write out the
same three words and cut them up. Lay them out in front of your child. Tell
your child that one of the words is a „secret word‟. Choose a word from the
paper and say each one of the letters in random order. Support your child to
find the letter. Can they rearrange them to find the „secret word‟?

Paper and pencil
Write a selection of words from the Word List on a large piece of paper.
Choose one of the words. Write one or two letters of the word on another
piece of paper, with blank lines for the remaining letters.
Ask your child for a missing letter. Write it in if they are correct and if not,
draw the head of the snowman.
The object of the game is for the child to guess the word before you have
completed the drawing of the snowman.



Shape Word
Word List
In advance, write several words on paper and cut the words following the
shape of each letter. Trace around the shapes and cut out a second set
without the words. Practice saying the words with your child. Ask your child
to match a word with its shape by writing the correct word in its shape.

Extra Extra
Word List
Write a selection of words from the Word List in random order on a piece of
paper. Read the words to your child. Ask your child to find the word in the
magazine, cut it out and glue it to the appropriate word. (Give your child one
page from a magazine and check that the words they are searching for are
on the page.)

Guess Who
Masking tape
Word List
Write some words on paper. Read the words with your child. Ask them to
tape a word to your back. You have to ask a question e.g. does it begin with
„th‟? Can I sound it out? (green word)
Now your child takes a turn to answers your questions. Tape a word to their

Word List
Make a set of matching word cards from the word list. Put them on the table
face down. Turn two cards over at a time. If they match you or your child
can keep them. The winner is the person with the greatest number of words.
Make sure your child can read the words they turn over.

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