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What if...learning

At Parochial CE Primary School we introduced the 'What if...learning' approach to teach PSHE themes through the Christian values of love, hope, respect and tolerance.  We constantly strive to challenge our pupils to think globally, understand and appreciate themselves as individuals, find their place in the community and reassess their attitudes towards each other.  Our topics are exciting and well received by the pupils and teachers alike. 

Please, look at some of the photographs of our work and the units themselves.


What if faith could change what we do and how we live?   Autumn 1   2016/17    

What if studying the history of Britain helped us to understand its diversity at the present time?   Autumn 2

What if each of us could change the thinking of the thousands?    Spring 1 

What if we gained more by giving more?    Spring 2

What if we all knew the secrets to a happy, healthy and long life?    Summer 1

What if humans and other animals stopped reproducing?    Summer 2 

What if I could be a better version of myself?   Autumn 1      2017/18

What if we all knew how to identify positive relationships?   Autumn 2 

What if I could show my feelings, thoughts and beliefs better through art? Spring 1

What if I knew how to get out of the 'learning pit' Spring 2

What if all learning resulted in a EUREKA! moment Summer 1

What if all humans were the same gender Summer 2