What is a Governor?

The Governor contributes to the work of the governing body in ensuring high standards of achievement for all children and young people in the school by:

  • Setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • To determine the aims and overall conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement;
  • Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.
  • Ensure policies are set and adhered to.
  • Monitor Health and Safety and management of the premises.

The head teacher of the school is responsible for day-to-day management of the school. The role of the Governing Body is to provide strategic management, and to act as a "critical friend", supporting the work of the headteacher and other staff.

Schools generally have a delegated budget to cover salaries, running costs, maintenance and equipment; the Governing Body is responsible for managing this budget. They can decide how many and what types of staff to employ, which equipment to upgrade or replace and what the priorities are for implementing new strategies and initiatives.

Governors are involved in appointing the head teacher, and may be involved in the recruitment of other staff.

Governors also have a role in monitoring the school's progress, and in setting annual targets for the school's performance and for the head teacher and ensuring that the headteacher sets targets for other staff.


The Governing Body at Parochial School consists of 8 Governors.

They are made up from the following:

Staff governors

The Head Teacher is an ex-officio staff governor. Other staff, both teaching and non-teaching are represented as governors and are elected by the other members of staff.

Parent governors

Elected by parents to serve on the Governing Body. Grand parents of children in the school can also be elected as parent governors.

LEA governors

Local Education Authority ( LEA ) governors are appointed by the LA.

Co-opted & Associate governors

Appointed by the Governing Body to represent the community it serves. They can be persons who live or work in the community served by the school and are committed to the good governance and success of the school.

Foundation governors

Appointed by the school’s founding body, the Church. Therefore those elected are selected from the Church community. Rev Rachel is our school Vicar and is therefore ex-Officio on the governing body.