Welcome to Year 6's page!



This half terms theme: World War Two



In English this half term we will continue to read ‘Carrie’s War’. We will carry out a variety of written work from this book, such as: information writing, explanation text and poetry.

We will link in all areas of grammar and punctuation as revision towards our SAT’s.



In maths this half term we will be revising all areas of maths, preparing ourselves for SAT’s.

Extra Practise!

Check out the websites below and challenge yourself to some additional learning.

Don't forget to play on Mathletics too.




In theme this half term we will continue to learn about WW2. We will look at how peoples’ daily lives were affected, especially for the women. We will also learn about: rationing, shelters and the Blitz.


In science this half term we will be learning all about light. We will look at: how light travels and how it enables us to see objects, how mirrors are used to reflect light by making our own periscopes, carry out a variety of investigations into refraction and the visible spectrum and finally we will touch on who Isaac Newton was and his theory of light and colour.



Monday:- Grammar/ reading comprehension (due in Wednesday).


Wednesday: - Maths (due in Friday).


Friday: - Writing (due in Monday). 



This half term Year 6  will also be attending the amazing Robin Wood. The recommended clothing list is below.