Year 5

Anglo Saxons and Dragons


During the second half of the Spring term, we will be looking at the only known story to exist from Anglo-Saxon times - Beowulf. We will be using what we know about fairy tale story structures to navigate our way around this complex poem and how a go at using what we learn from it to create our own master pieces. 

We will be following the 'Talk for writing' structures to ensure we create some fabulous narratives! 


Monday - Grammar/Reading comprehension  (to be submitted by Wednesday).

Wednesday – Maths (to be submitted by Friday).

Friday – Writing / Reading Activity (to be submitted by Monday).  


This half term we will be continuing to use ‘Inspire Maths’ to look at fractions. We will begin by looking at mixed numbers, improper fractions and fractions with different denominators.  WE will learn how to simplify fraction and how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators.

Our knowledge of times tables facts will be essential. 

Once we have mastered this, we will try to solve practical problems involving fractions. 




Extra Practise!

It would be fantastic if all children could regularly play educational games online. Here are some great sites to try:

BBC Science Challenges

BBC Grammar Challenges

BBC Maths Challenges


Grammar Skill Games

Top Marks Maths Games

ICT Games

Even more games!



In science we will be learning about 'Animals including humans'. 

We will be carrying out lots of investigative work this half term in order to learn about life cycles and and life styles of animals and humans. What we find, will feed into our English work as we learn about conservationists and why it is important to look after ourselves and other animals. 

Our focus in RE this half term will be learning about Jesus.  We will think of him as a teacher and explore how he taught people. We will read the parables he talked about and the miracles he performed.

As part of PSHE we will be thinking about 'What if we knew how to eat ourselves healthy and happy?' This  theme will allow us to think about healthy lifestyles, exercise and how we can improve our physical, emotional and mental health. 


 Learning Logs

Due on Monday 7th Jan

Your child received a 'learning log'  just before the holidays.  The tasks in the 'learning log' are due to be completed in time for the new theme so that your children come into school ready to delve into a new theme with a good basic knowledge already! 



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